Sunday, June 19, 2016


When did Marvel Comics stop being Marvel ...... To me Spiderman is a married to Mary Jane......Steve Rogers is Captain America, Tony Stark is a sane techno genius, Thor is male and Donald Blake and Bruce Banner is the Hulk, Fantastic Four is the world's greatest comics magazine and Jean Grey is in Xmen. Over the last decade marvel has had Spiderman lose his wife in an ill thought storyline tha involved a deal with the devil, Captain Amercia has been killed, replace multiple times and now supposedly a traitor, Tony Stark is basicaly insane and trying to control the world, , Bruce Banner is no longer the Hulk, Thor is a dying woman, Marvel refuses to even mention the Fantastic Four...let alone publish a comic of them, Hulk is a cocky teenager. Jean Grey is dead and Xavier's brain is in the Red Skull This is not the Marvel I remember. They used to publish great stories for the sake of great stories, now everything is shock and awe, what can we do to upset the fans next, it is event driven where the shock value is more important then the character. Marvel editors and writers were actually to kill characters on a regular basis to spike sales. Get you act together Marvel. Your heroes are barely recognizable. its time to make Marvel Characters great again. I want to recognize Marvel characters again

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