Saturday, June 25, 2016

My all time favorite Series The New teen Titans

In the early 80's I was a shy introverted kid.  I kept to myself a lot and honestly I did not have many friends.  My escape, my world was comics.   Although there were a lot of comics that I liked nothing was better then The New Teen Titans; I had read the previous incarnation of the series but this was new,  Dynamic new characters were present.   Robin had grown up and no longer wanted to be the and robin of Batman and Robin  he wanted to be in charge of his own life and destiny.   Kid Flash wanted to give up the Super Hero business and go to college, Donna Troy was a photographer just launching her career; all former Teen Titans.  Marv Wolfman and George Perez took these three  characters as there basis and surrounded them by four new characters.   One was a bitter young man named Victor Stone, More then half his body had been destroyed in a lab accident, he was now a Cyborg.   Then was Koriand'r  an escaped alien princess just free of slavery,  she is a warrior named Starfire.  Next was former child tv star Garfield Logan whose body was turned green by a serum that saved his life and gave him the ability to morph into any animal he chose, making him a real Changeling.   Finally there was Raven an empath, who used her powers to manipulate the minds of the others into following her into battle against an interdimensional demon who just happened to be her father

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